Purple Cloud Hot Yoga Towel

  • $42.00
Anti-slip and sweat proof
Elevated experience
Machine washable
Ultra-soft and absorbent


Our Purple Cloud super absorbent micro-fiber hot yoga towel likes it HAWTTTTTT (but keep on all your clothes! O.O).

We're specially designed for our grip, moisture-wicking, and anti-slip properties, making us the perfect companion for even the sweatiest sessions.

Here are some other reasons to love us!

  • We're SUPER ABSORBENT and fast-drying for your hot yoga, pilates, gym, park, pool, or beach sessions! Bring us to every workout or even dry your hair!
  • Made out of microfiber; WE DRY IN HALF THE TIME AS A COTTON TOWEL!
  • With our unique designs, we're easy on the eyes. BRIGHT, STYLIST PATTERN TO MATCH YOUR OUTFIT! (No more boring, neutral yoga towels! As if!) Super low-maintenance - Just pop us into the washing machine and tumble dry low or hang up to dry.
  • MORE HYGIENIC: This is a more hygienic option when using yoga mats, especially studio rentals. It creates a barrier between those icky germs, reducing the risk of illness and acne breakouts. 
  • YOU CAN USE US WITH OR WITHOUT A MAT: Bring us to every workout or take us to the pool! - Our towels also create a STABLE FOUNDATION for practicing hot yoga by reducing the risk of slipping on sweat.
  • Elevate your experience with Stratosphere41!

Measurements: 24" x 72"

Customer Reviews

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Soul Sundays
The softest and cutest

These towels are so cute they make me want to workout, not to mention they work really well as nonslip hot yoga towels!