There are many uses for your S41 Yoga Towel. Our favorites include hot yoga, pilates, gym workouts, hiking, beach vacations, and high-intensity sweat sessions! We also like to use them to stretch in place of a strap.

For comfort, we recommend using your yoga towel on top of your yoga mat. Yoga towels reduce the sweat that falls onto your yoga mat, making your workout or yoga session less slippery and more safe and sanitary. If you don't have room to bring both your yoga mat and yoga towel to your session - then we recommend checking with your teacher to see if using a towel alone will suffice!

Yoga Towels make your workout or yoga sessions safer. They absorb your sweat, which increases your grip and reduces your mat sliding. Overall, reducing the risk of injury. Yoga Towels also can protect you from grime on the mat if it is a rental. It's also always nice not to lie down in a pool of sweat in Savasana!

Your traditional bathroom towel is less porous than a microfiber towel. Meaning that it has less of a surface area for your body to grip. The more porous a towel is, the better it works at gripping and absorbing sweat.