Our Motto: Be Authentic AF

We have a vibrant goal for the future of yoga accessories that aims to get you pumped to roll out your mat and flow! The world will tell you that you're too this or too that. We double-dog dare you (and ourselves, too) to TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE and carve out a path for others to do the same! We're in this together, right? ❀️

Stratosphere41's name evolvedΒ because Lauran wanted to weave together two very influential areas of her life to build a brand that reflects the symbolism of connection.Β The stratosphere is the ozone layer that private jets cruise through at around 41,000 feet. The Yoga Sutras describe each poseΒ as having qualities of Sthira and Sukha, effort and ease,Β to achieve mental and physical elevation. The beauty in both is balance.

Whether you're going from pose to pose on your mat or origin to destination inflight, S41 is here to motivate, inspire, and get you there!