The Powerful Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies: delicious, portable, nutrient-filled snacks (or meals!). These drinks are so delicious, it’s easy to forget how healthy they are. Smoothies provide quick energy and get you revved up and ready to tackle the day. Let’s delve into the amazing benefits of smoothies… as if you needed an excuse to drink them more often!


Great way to sneak in vegetables

If you’re not a salad person or don’t have vegetables on your plate as often as you know you should, smoothies are a good way to sneak in a serving or two. Certain vegetables, like baby spinach or cauliflower, are mild enough that they can be blended into a smoothie without affecting the taste much, if at all. 

And other vegetables like carrots and beets, which are definitely not mild-tasting, can still be worked in if you add strong-flavored fruits or flavorings. Play around with different types of vegetables and amounts until you get the taste just right!

They have vitamins, minerals, and nutrition galore

Smoothies include a ton of vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables in them. To get the most out of them, shake things up by aiming for different colored fruits and vegetables here and there. Different colored produce has different main nutrients! Add other things like protein powder, collagen, yogurt, or other healthy additions to get even more nutritional benefits out of your smoothie. 



They’re highly customizable

Smoothies can be customized not only to your tastes but also according to what benefits you’re looking to get. Whether that’s a ton of antioxidants (add lots of different berries), protein (add yogurt or peanut butter and protein powder), some TLC for your skin (add collagen powder), or something else, smoothies can be whatever you want them to be in terms of nutrition, calorie count, macro ratio, etc.

Take them anywhere

Smoothies are an excellent alternative to grabbing unhealthy snacks or sugary energy drinks outside. You can take them anywhere from the gym to yoga class to a road trip!

Good source of fiber and energy

Juicing is amazing for getting nutrients, but it doesn’t include the bulk of the fruits and vegetables. Smoothies leave everything in there, providing you with sustained energy from the fiber. Fiber also helps keep you full, a great tool for keeping more unhealthy foods out of your diet or helping with your weight loss goals. 

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