The Benefits of Stretching with your Yoga Towel

pug doing yoga stretches

If 'Biiiigggg Stretttcchh' was in human form - it would be stretching with a towel.

We're all about improving flexibility and stretching out those muscles before a hot yoga sesh, so let us show you our favorite stretches to do with our S41 Yoga Towels.

But before we share our top favs, let's talk about the benefits of stretching with your yoga towel. Stretching with your towel is much like stretching with a yoga strap - but your towel is way more accessible!

By stretching with your towel you're able to focus on correcting the alignment of your poses. Let's be honest - we've all gotten wobbly when focusing on completing a certain pose! By correcting your alignment, you reduce the risk of injury. 


Beginners may find that they're unable to reach the final form of Paschimo until their flexibility improves. We recommend holding your yoga towel with both hands, and holding the loop of the towel with your feet. 

Pose tips: Keep the length in your spine, pull your toes up towards your knees and engage your core.



To start the stretch of Dancer pose, begin in Drishti. Fold your towel in half, and hook the middle of the towel beneath your foot. Be sure to place your hand as close to your foot as you comfortably can.

Start to lift your leg whilst bringing your elbow out to the side and up. As you bend forward, open the chest and lengthen the armpit to aid lifting the leg. Only stretch to what your body is capable of doing! The whole point of stretching with your towel is to improve your flexibility and to achieve the pose safely.


Navasana or commonly known as the 'Boat Pose' is a great pose to improve posture and counteracts the effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time. We like to use our yoga towels here to help improve balance.

Hold your yoga towel below the knees in both hands. As you begin to raise your legs, be sure to pull the towel tight to reduce wobbliness! 

Pose tips: Ensure your thighs are angled at about 45 degrees above the floor when beginning the lift. Once in the final pose, try to hold for 10-20 seconds.


Been sitting on tiktok too long? The Dhanuranasana pose may be for you! This heart-opening pose aids with your hip-flexors and hamstrings. We like to take our yoga towel and clasp it between each hand when holding this pose, placing the center of the towel around the feet to help slowly bring your chest up. 

We love using our towel for this pose as it really helps those who have a small amount of back flexibility!

Baddha Virabhadrasana

The hardest part of the Buddha Virabhadrasana is getting your hands above your head. By placing your towel between your two hands - keeping your hands close together, in fist formation. The resistance created from holding the towel can help you increase flexibility in the shoulders and back. 


Keep your stretching consistent and in no time at all... ✨POOF✨You'll be flexible 😉