The Benefits of Mindfulness for College Students

Papers due. Exams. Club meeting to run to. After school job (gotta afford those lattes somehow!). Meeting with friends. As a student, you’re always stuck on “go” and rarely get a chance to truly relax, it seems! So how can you wind down? Meditation! Why is meditation perfect for students, and how can you meditate? Glad you asked!



What are the benefits of meditation for students? 

Look, we know your time is precious. When you get a bit of a lull in the day, you might feel like you should be studying or at least relaxing with a good scroll through your FYP. But the great thing is, meditation is perfect because you only need to spend five minutes with it if that’s all you’ve got time for, and the payoff is so worth it.

Don’t just take our word for it. You’re a student and know better than to trust everything you read online! So we’ll back up what we’re saying with a few studies: One study showed that meditation helps memory, attention, AND mood, among other things. They had a group of 18-45 year olds meditate for just 13 minutes a day and found positive results comparable to those seen in people who meditate longer. 

Another study found similar results, showing that meditation improves cognition and attention span (huge plus for your hour-long bio class!).

That’s not even to mention the well-known benefits, such as relaxation and being able to quiet your mind for a few minutes out of your day. And stress relief because seriously, you need it!



Tips for meditating as a student 

So how can you get these benefits? 

Keep it simple: Remember, all you need is a short period of time a day. Nothing crazy. Just a few minutes a day can be just as beneficial as an hour. Whatever you do, don’t jump in too quickly with hour-long mega-sessions; that’s how burnout happens.

Be consistent: The biggest tip is to be consistent. The studies mentioned above had their participants meditating daily. Try to make it a habit. Prioritize YOU! If you’re super busy and usually meditate for 15 minutes a day, opt for just five. If five minutes is your norm, meditate for just two minutes! 

Customize your mantras: Feeling like you need a boost? Look up guided meditations for students! They’ll be specifically targeted to help you study and focus better. Or choose a mantra that gets you in the right headspace for studying or just doing better in school in general. Affirmations like “I am smart” or “I am going to ace this test” can go a long way toward helping you do better!

Mini-meditation sessions: Another tip is to practice mini-sessions whenever a moment of stress hits you. Got three finals scheduled in one week and having a moment of panic? Stop, take a minute or two to breathe with closed eyes as you visualize yourself rocking those finals, and then get to work studying! 

Just realized you accidentally sent your professor an email meant for your boyfriend? Okay, we won’t blame you if you initially freak out, but take 30 seconds to breathe in and out and reset your mind before you type a hasty apology email. 



We hope this inspires you to add meditation to your day!