National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

As we near the end of July, we are also reaching the end of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Diversity and mental health awareness are core values of Stratosphere41. While this month is coming to a close, this post will explore the importance of minority mental health awareness and resources

While Mental Health Awareness month occurred in May, this July we’re focusing on the racial and ethnic disparities linked to mental health. Minority communities experience a variety of factors that impact mental health outcomes, including but not limited to: cultural stigma, lack of access to services, and lack of awareness. Structural, institutional, and systemic factors can contribute to converging pressures on minority communities and create greater barriers to mental health services. 

While 52% of white adults received mental health treatment in 2021, only 39% of Black adults, 36% of Hispanic adults, and 25% of Asian adults received support for mental illness (US Department of Health & Human Services). Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic and associated economic and racial tensions in 2020 exacerbated mental health burdens for minority communities and widened existing disparities. With persisting inequalities in minority mental health access, this month of awareness demonstrates the need for greater interventions and support networks targeted toward minorities. 

For minority mental health awareness month, Stratosphere41 has compiled a few community resources and organizations. 

Alkeme HealthA digital community dedicated to Black wellness that is also working to combat healthcare disparities. Their Resources page shares information for crisis support, warm lines, and existing therapy forums. 

Asian Mental Health Collective: Focuses on de-stigmatizing mental health issues and increasing mental health resource accessibility for Asian communities around the world. Their website features a therapist directory, events listings, and links to various community resources. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness: Identity and Cultural Dimensions page dives into specifics on barriers to mental health access in individual communities and supplies resources for awareness and support. 

Silence the Shame: Atlanta based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating vulnerable communities about mental health and wellness.


-xoxo S41💋