How To Find The Right Yoga Studio For You


Part of the appeal of doing yoga is the community that it builds. The community aspect can add a lot to your experience. But not everyone meshes with every yoga studio, so here are some tips on finding your people.



Ask around 


Step numero uno is to ask around for recommendations. Whether that’s posting in your local Facebook group to see what others like (be sure to ask for details on why they like that particular studio) or asking friends or coworkers, you’ll have a good starting point for researching beyond simply googling “yoga studios in [insert city here]”. As you’re asking around, hopefully a couple might come out as big contenders that get some rave reviews.


But don’t sleep on less popular studios…


At the same time, you might get a lot of recommendations for certain places because they’re just “where everyone goes.” Don’t forget to look into some less popular choices. If you hear of a place that got stellar reviews but only from one person, still look into it! 


Check their website and social media


Not always a solid plan, but it can’t hurt to check out their website. Keep in mind some smaller studios may not have the same budget as a chain studio or well-established studio, so their website might not be as flashy or inviting, or their social media might not be as updated. In some cases, the opposite might be true they might talk a good game on their posts, but the atmosphere when you get there is totally off. In other words, don’t write off or base your decision fully on their web presence, but check it out as one of many factors to consider. 


Decide on a yoga type


If you’re just starting out, any class labeled as a beginner class should work great. However, if you’ve been doing yoga on your own for some time now, you may be ready for more. There are many different types of yoga, and each has its benefits. Some are more about breaking a sweat and torching calories, while others are more about the mental health benefits and relaxation. Which you decide to go with will depend on what you’re looking to get out of the class. For more on different types of yoga and the pros of each kind, check out our blog post on 5 Types of Yoga and Their Benefits.


Don’t forget to factor in distance 


Sorry to be a downer, but there are some practicalities to consider, and one of those is distance. Here’s why that’s important though: You want yoga to be something you’ll stick with, and that won’t be the case if you have to routinely drive out of your way to get there. Choose something close to home or your place of work or on your route to or from. That will ensure you don’t have a hard time getting to the yoga studio and don’t eventually burn out.




Another practicality: cost! Don’t get too hung up on this, but obviously, you’ll need a studio within your budget. You can find the best yoga studio in the world, but if you can’t afford it, well, you can’t afford it! So be sure you look into costs before falling in love with a certain place!


Schedule a class in the yoga type of your choice


After you’ve located a few yoga studios that you might like, sign up for a class. Some may offer a discounted first class or a trial class. As you attend the class, pay attention to the atmosphere  as well as how the instructor conducts the class, etc. This part is entirely up to you… Did the class give you the feeling you were expecting to get from joining a yoga studio? Did the class leave you feeling like you can’t wait to come back?


Curious to know more before you take your first class? Check out this article which talks about what you should know before your first yoga class. And don’t forget to turn heads when you arrive with your Stratosphere41 yoga towel