Body Rejuvenation: How to Cleanse it Naturally!

Have you felt sluggish at all lately? (Who hasn’t?) Have a hard time getting up in the morning or finding the energy to do the things you normally do? It may be time for a body cleanse! Our bodies need to detox every so often. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve drinking straight lime juice for seven days! 



Now, let’s clear something up: Your body is entirely capable of cleansing itself. That’s what organs like your liver are for! However, sometimes our bodies need a bit of help to reach optimal cleansing ability. And there are certain lifestyle changes you can make to help your body go that extra mile and kind of “reset” things in there!

Drink more water

We can NOT sing water’s praises enough. Seriously. Drinking water helps you have clear skin, maintain a healthy diet, keep your body hydrated, and more. Plus — topic of this blog — water helps to detoxify your body! How? It flushes toxins out of your body so that just the good stuff’s left. 



Eat more fiber

Fiber helps you, you know… go. That means less harmful stuff just sitting around in your body making you feel blah and less bloat making you uncomfortable and gassy

Eat more antioxidants

You can’t talk detox without mentioning antioxidants. See, there are these things called free radicals that can inhabit our bodies. Antioxidants are amazing in that they bind with these free radicals. We’ll spare you the science lesson (You should look it up if you’re so inclined, it’s interesting!), but basically the antioxidants help rid your body of the free radicals. 

Antioxidant-rich foods include blueberries (and all berries for that matter!), nuts, and dark chocolate. And we’ve got good news for you — even your morning latte is a great source of antioxidants!

Get more sleep

Yep, body detoxing is not just about what you put in it! It’s also about getting sleep. We know this one can be hard for the go-getters and night owls out there, but taking the time to get an adequate amount of sleep and keeping on a set schedule is essential. While asleep, your body recharges and preps for the next day. Not only that, but sleep has also been shown to actually detox your brain! 




Notice that we didn’t list any miracle cleanse products. True, there are some herbs and such that can help the body. But trust that the best solution is NOT the latest detox concoction… Instead, it’s best to detox all the time through lifestyle modifications!