5 Reasons We’re Doing Yoga at the Beach this Summer

As the weather gets warmer, we’re heading to the beach—and we’re packing our S41 yoga towels in our beach bags. 


Practicing yoga should already be part of your summer routine, but practicing at the beach can provide additional mindfulness and wellness benefits. Here are five reasons the Stratosphere41 team is doing yoga at the beach this summer: 

    1. Moving outdoors and experiencing a change of scenery supports mental and physical health by shifting your focus and reducing your stress. 

    2. Vitamin D production increases while spending more time in the sun. Vitamin D supports your immune system, bone growth, and mood regulation. Spending time practicing yoga under the sun can stimulate your body to produce more Vitamin D. 

    3. Sand challenges your yoga session. Under your yoga towel, sand is uneven compared to the typical hardwood floor of a yoga studio. Finding your balance on the sand is challenging, pushing your body to work harder. 

    4. Sand also supports your yoga session. Sand absorbs shockwaves and can cushion your joints while practicing yoga. Your surroundings can also encourage you to try more difficult poses because a fall would be cushioned by the sand rather than met with a hard surface.
    5. Ocean breeze can increase your serotonin and invigorates your respiratory system. Natural chemicals found in the salt air by the beach promote oxygen absorption, supporting respiratory and immune systems while also boosting your mood.  


With all-time high temperatures predicted across the United States for this summer, the warm air and sand transports hot yoga
sessions outdoors. And while sand provides support and low-impact padding, it’s not
great for your yoga mat. 

Using one of our non-slip, microfiber yoga towels is the perfect solution for your beach yoga sessions this summer. Getting
additional health and wellness benefits from your summer yoga session is as easy as packing your beach bag and heading to the beach to soak up the sun and ocean breeze! 


-xoxo S41💋